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Ease the effort of adjusting field security permissions in Salesforce. Use OrgKit to help you understand how permissions are assigned and to make the necessary changes you need to help keep your environment secure!

Visualise Permissions in Bulk

Visualise field security permissions in a single ui. Load profiles and permission sets giving you insight into how field permissions are allocated

Drag and Drop Changes

Conveniently enable or disable multiple permissions at once using mouse dragging. Click and drag the cursor across the UI to toggle the selection for multiple permissions simultaneously.

Toggle Permissions

Toggle entire objects or Read/Edit permissions individually for an entire profile / permission set for quicker adjustments increase productivity and efficiency

Deploy Changes with Ease

After making changes to permissions, deploy changes to your environment directly from the UI without needing to leave OrgKit!

Download Backups

Download a backup of any changes you make prior to deployment for easy checking and review

Download Packages

A deployable package can be downloaded for confirmation of changes or for manual deployment as needed for any specific governance frameworks in place

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