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OrgKit is a growing selection of tools that helps a Salesforce administrator and developer manager their environment better. OrgKit is not directly installed an individual environment, instead, you manage your environment connections directly within OrgKit after logging in!
OrgKit uses your environment’s API connectivity and limits to connect to and manage your environment via the tools available.

Your environment’s API limits are consumed, so be sure to monitor how much you have consumed to ensure you do not exceed your limits as that may impact your environments functionality!

OrgKit requires API access to your environment in order to utilise the tools built within the platform. Usually, this include Developer orgs, Enterprise org and Unlimited orgs. If you are unsure if your environment supports API access, check with your Salesforce account executive.
Given the nature of tools available on the platform, OrgKit is best used on a desktop! You may be able to utilise some of the capability within OrgKit on a mobile or tablet device, but you may experience an issue here or there! It’s best to use a desktop to ensure optimal user experience!
OrgKit is designed to connect directly to your Salesforce environment and perform various management operations on your behalf. Each tool within OrgKit is designed to make changes to your environment only after your confirmation! It’s always recommended (and important!) to first verify changes in a sandbox environment prior to making changes directly in production. Some tools that make changes to your environment even allow you to download packages for your review and approval prior to making changes!
On signup, you are provided with a short basic trial to help you get acquainted with the tools provided. After your trial expires (or before), you can subscribe to a paid plan in order to continue using OrgKit. Plans are available either monthly or annual and a nice discount is provided if you subscribe to an annual plan! See pricing for more information.

A trial will allow you to connect to a single environment at a time. Any environment you register during a trial period will not be able to registered to another trial account at any point in time!

In accordance with our privacy policy, we only store information that is required for the purpose of utilising our platform! Most importantly:

  • we do not store credit card information or payment information (this is managed by our external payments provider)
  • we do not persist environment authentication information beyond a users current logged in session such as refresh tokens or access tokens
  • temporary session data (when a user is logged in) is always encrypted at rest
  • any data stored in our database is always encrypted at rest

We always strive to use industry standards and best practices to ensure your data is kept safe.

Salesforce provides various annual, monthly, daily, rolling entitlements and limits. OrgKit uses API limits provided to you in your Salesforce environment. Ensure that you have enough API requests available to you before you use the tool to ensure you do not exceed any of your limits!
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